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Our Story

When we were children, ‘potliwalas’ from weaving villages came to houses, and the aunts and neighbours gathered to buy them. Those days looked like a festival. Time has passed, the potliwala's small business has been taken away, traditional jobs have been lost, and so have genuine handmade clothes, as app-based purchases and the economy have taken centre stage!


About Kalakari, India :

Kalakari India (KI) is a social-impact clothing brand. The brand's goal is to find online and non-traditional marketing channels for Indian Subcontinent handloom cottage, handicrafts, artisans, weavers, hand block printers, painters, traditional art, cloths, and weavers. We do not act as the middleman instead, we act as enablers to partner with the brand story of the craft maker and aim to transform communities and lives.

Kalakari India guides, provides, and finds online selling opportunities through marketplaces and its platform for fabric, arts, and crafts makers and makes the products discoverable, reachable, affordable, and easy to purchase from various online platforms. We take pride in providing the most exquisite & splendid collection of handmade sarees online, made with various fabrics, dyes, techniques, and, of course, the love & hard work of our craftsmen.

The brand focuses on natural exotic fabrics, including various plant-based fabrics, cruelty-free silks, natural colours and dyes, and heritage fabric art forms of India and all things sustainable.

Our Mission:

To nurture the handloom cottage, handicraft, and artistry of local communities and make various art forms commercially viable while protecting the artisans' interests. Shift the focus from machine-made to Geographical Indication exclusives.

Our Vision :

To provide a sophisticated platform for handmade art forms in all online, offline, domestic and international spaces.

The Objective :

To create jobs at every stage of the journey and make a difference in people's lives; to conserve and generate demand and sales opportunities for craftspeople who rely primarily on art fairs and craft markets and are frequently exploited by middlemen who act solely as enablers.

The Focus Areas:

Kalakari India’s focus areas are not restricted to any particular art form. Kalakari India celebrates diversity and experiments through several traditional art forms. Kalakari India’s prime focus, though, always remained to bring out the best of the textile heritage and art forms. The quality & beauty of the handmade sarees online at Kalakari India is unmatched & flawless.

It is well-known that coming from the region, our heart lies in the block prints of Bagh and the weaves of Chanderi and Maheshwar (Madhya Pradesh, MP) from the central part of India.

The philosophy:

We, at KI, celebrate handloom cottage and handicrafts. We are very much intrigued by the beauty of traditional dyeing and printing and preserving the tradition of cloth making in the traditional ways. It could be a handwoven cloth or a handloom knot passed down from generation to generation, a block printing technique using vegetables or flowers as colors, or a dyeing technique using multiple mud layers and leaves.


The Product :

Our range of fabrics has offerings from organic cloths, different plant-based fibers, and cruelty-free silks, and are either purely handmade or a mix of a machine-spun-based cloth and hand-crafted for colouring and dying, creating beautiful fabric handicrafts. The fabrics are sourced from small weaver communities and families. Traders are not encouraged to participate in what we call, trade and art restoration. For our buyers, the focus area is to enable them to own a piece of this rich fabric heritage at a realistic and affordable price. We believe in #realfabricrealpeople and live by the mantra of encouraging the

naturals in the fabric space. As a result, we work with communities to find real people to wear handmade fabrics and keep them real!


Where can one find the products? on every marketplace like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, and on our own platform, www.Kalakariindia.com.
We invite you to try out a piece of our handloom cottage & explore out assembly of handmade sarees online to be awe-struck by all that we have to provide.

Your help, social presence and a word would always be of a great value for the various ‘fabric artists' who are loosing jobs to fast changing market dynamics.

Look forward to hearing from you.