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Our Exotic Collections direct from the weavers

Organza Sarees

28 products

Dabu Sarees

50 products


50 products

Linen Sarees

50 products

Chattisgarh Kosa Sarees

7 products

Indigo Sarees

50 products

Tarapur Sarees

11 products


19 products

Cotton Sarees

50 products

Traditional Weave

45 products

Indian Fabrics

50 products

Hand Woven Sarees

23 products

Kalakari India : own a piece of heritage

Close your eyes for a moment, go back in the memory lane, reminiscing the ‘potliwalas’ visiting our houses coming from weaving villages. The whole neighborhood gathered to buy apparel as if it was some festival. Alas, that time has gone, but we kept the tradition alive. We at Kalakari India (KI) bring to you a unique and exotic selection of handloom and handicraft from the traditional artisans, weavers, hand block printers and painters of Indian Subcontinent. We act as enablers to partner with the brand story of the craft maker and aim to transform communities and lives.

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