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Collection: Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwari weaves are known for their heritage and classic styles, identified by the unique weaved zari border, it is one exotic style of weave from Central part of India. The sari, is a classic motif hand block printed on the Maheshwari cotton weaved sari.

Maheshwari sarees are distinguished by their vibrant colors, unusual combinations, and distinctive designs that include stripes, checks, and floral borders. Authentic Maheshwari has designs that are inspired by the grand temples, palaces, and forts of Madhya Pradesh. Popular designs include the mat pattern, which is also known as chattai pattern, along with Chameli ka phool — all of which may be traced back to the detailing on the walls of Maheshwar Fort. Through its evolution, the eent (brick) pattern and the heera(diamond) patterns have survived the test of time, and still have a strong presence in these sarees.

Our collection offers a range of Mahaeshawari woven borders and beautiful bagh hand block printing on exotic fabrics. Making each piece stand out elegantly.