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Collection: Batik Sarees

Batik is a method of resist dyeing cloth to achieve unique and colorful designs on it. This ancient handicraft has been a part of Indian culture for over 2000 years. 

Traditional Batik designs are created by simply applying the wax in a scattered, random manner all through the fabric, which results in a kaleidoscopic burst of colors and patterns. A more structured Batik pattern can be created by using screen printing, in which a stencil is used to trace designs and add wax blocks. Often, repeating patterns of traditional motifs are used to create the most popular or in-demand Batik patterns, designs, and motifs. The fabric is then dyed and then boiled. Often, this allows the fabric weaver or artisan to imprint the cloth with their unique, artistic designs and intricate patterns. These can be anything, from simple geometric shapes and lines to abstract stylizations of natural objects. 

KI brings to you a well-assorted range of Batik Sarees for that perfect balance of distinctive styling and traditional appeal to your clothing.